Home Stay

Your host: Eric, Som and Selyne.


Our home in a Thai farming village


The only White Temple,Chiangrai.

Spacious & airy, guest room

Discover the secrets most travelers never know!

~ The flexibility with your plans.

~ A home-away-from-home experience.

~ What is a memorable stay means to you.

~ Why most Thai women are attractively slim.

~ Why Thailand is known as the land of Smiles.

~ The volumes of knowledge and amazing dishes.

~ The Thai's natural talent of making you feel at home instantly.

~ What is the significance of a Thai wai (hands are put in front of the face).

~ More than you could ever learn on your own of a Northern Thai Village lifestyle.

~ First hand experience about the education, culture and values of the Thai people.

You will find that even those on a moderate budget
can afford to indulge in a culturally home stay experience and,
one that you will always remember than a high-class tour.

Responsible Tourism.

You will be able to see first-hand, how your money
benefits local communities. A supplementary income
support a better quality of life in a rice farming village.

Discover why most Thai ladies are attractively slim.
Book your home stay with us to find out at

Rates, Facilities, Contact Us.

A Guide On How To Behave In Thailand

Thai people put great emphasis on good manners and
politeness so it will help if you understand some of their
customs and beliefs when you home stay with a Thai family
or traveling in Thailand. Also, should you have a problem of any kind,
remember, a smile will be of much more help than a scowl.

1. When entering a Thai home, or temple, it is customary to
remove your shoes. This is not simply a religious customs but
has practical implications. Also, do not point your feet at anyone
or use it to indicate anything.

2. The King and members of the Royal Family are highly revered
by the Thais, hence due respect is required. Do not put your feet
on any objects bearing the King's image e.g. the Thai currency (Baht).
Maliciously damaging the King's image or royal family, slandering
or bad-mouth is severely punishable in the court-of-law. At least
15 years of imprisonment was recorded in the past.

3. Singlet, shorts, revealing blouse or skirts are not acceptable
 when visiting temples. Insults to Buddhism, Buddha icons or images,
are seriously punishable in the court-of-law. It is strictly taboo
to touch any part of a monk or his robes. Buddhist monks in the
Theravada sect cannot have physical contact with females.
This includes patting on the head of a Thai (whom you are unfamiliar with).

4. A 'wai' is when hands are put in front of the face
as a gesture of greeting or respect. It has many
meanings and visitors are advised only to reply to a
'wai' rather than 'lead the way'. It is never proper to
'wai' to servants or children although it is appropriate to 'return' a wai.

5. Always observe extreme caution with your
money and valuables. Such things as passports and
credit cards should not be carried externally.
Shoulder bags and handbags may be especially vulnerable.
Another caution is jewelry and tailor scams that are notoriously common.

6. It is advisable not to drink tap water. Bottled or carbonated
water is cheaply and readily available.

7. If traveling in a taxi or tuk tuk it is usual (not the norm)
to settle the fare before you begin your journey.

8. When beckoning waiters, or anyone, do so with
your palm down and fingers straight with an up and
down movement. Never, clap, snap your fingers, or whistle.

9. Do Not accept offers of food, drink, candies,
or free trips from strangers or taxi drivers.

10. Fooling with Drugs is a very serious offence in Thailand.

Eric Thitaporn has been the home stay host to many
travelers vacationing in Northern Thailand for more than five years.

For more details or bookings, Eric at Contact Us.

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